Egg Stew

Anybody who has come to our home has never left without tasting one of Mummy’s homemade delicacies!!

The best part about her recipes is her art to uncomplicate them without compromising on the taste. But I must admit that I’ve still not mastered the art of replicating her “kaipunnyam”.

• The choice of egg for this stew can be substituted by chicken too.

• When using other meats like beef, veal or mutton, I would recommend you to pressure cook it separately with the spices , onion, green chillies, ginger , curry leaves and vinegar(1tsp) . You could add a little water & salt to taste. Then follow the same recipe.


Boiled Eggs -4 nos ( as required)

Green chillies – 4-6 nos

Sliced ginger -1 tbsp / 1/2 inch

Onion(sliced) – 1/2


Cinnamon -4


Potatoes (chopped ) -2 nos

Carrots (chopped ) – 1/2

Green Peas -1/2 cup

Curry Leaves -2 sprigs

Thin Coconut milk -2 cups

Thick coconut milk – 3/4 cup

Pepper corns -1 tsp

Shallots -2-3 nos

Coconut Oil or any cooking oil ( as required for frying and cooking)


• Lightly crush the spices. Please do not avoid this step or the spices, as the flavour of the stew relies mainly on it.

• Slice the onions, green chilly and ginger.

• For the thin coconut milk you can mix 5tbsp coconut milk powder mixed with 2 cups of lukewarm water

• The same for the thick coconut milk by mixing 5tbsp of coconut milk powder in 3/4 cup of lukewarm water.


• Heat some coconut oil or any other cooking oil in a kadai.

• Sauté onion, green chillies , ginger and curry leaves till the onion starts to turn translucent. Add the spices and sauté till they are fragrant but be careful not to brown the onions .

• Now add the vegetables (and pressure cooked meat or chicken) and sauté for another minute.

• Pour the thin coconut milk . Add salt to taste.

• Cover and cook on medium flame for 10 minutes or till the vegetables are done.

• Now add the thick coconut milk and let it simmer for a minute or two. You could add the boiled eggs & coarsely ground fresh peppercorns now

•Heat a small pan with some coconut oil and add sliced shallots and some curry leaves. Once it reaches a golden colour, pour over the prepared stew and serve with appam, idiyappam, or puttu.

For the recipe for appam, please click on the link Appam recipe

To download the recipe for printouts, please click on the link Egg Stew

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