Dorset Apple Cake

Recipe curated by Rachel Miller
Recipe adapted from BBC Good Food

Life was much easier when apple and blackberry were just fruits!! … Anon

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Recipe Curated by : Cathy Vadakel

I have fallen from a great height into this pudding. But don’t worry. I’m OK. —-David Shrigley

Prawn Biriyani

Prawn Biriyani

Recipe Courtesy : Thressiamma Purathookaran.

Wash your hands and say your prayers because God & germs are everywhere!

Dragon Chicken

Recipe Curated by Preethi Varkey Karimbanal

HUNGER LOGIC: Maybe if I stare into the refrigerator long enough something good will magically appear

Making of Maya’s LAB

Vision – Food memories for my family and yours.

Mission – Make cooking an accessible art to all.

Strategy – Decode , deconstruct and simplify tried , tested and loved family recipes .