Coriander Diaries

Photo by pics_pd on Pixnio

When I first started cooking, I simply refused to use coriander powder in my cooking. I was just not able to get it’s raw and pungent taste to blend with the rest of the ingredients, resulting in it over powering the dish!

Like every Indian household, the spice box was one of the first thing that we bought when we started our home and coriander holds a pretty prominent position in it! So I asked my Amma, what is its purpose. She said that it thickens the gravy. 

This is when I started realising the versatility of this wonder spice. There is no need to add cashew paste or cornflour slurry to thicken your curries, you have this flavour packed powder that can give you the right consistency for your gravy.

Have you tried the various combinations with coriander based curries?? Just pepper & coriander is a deadly combination. One such combinations is used in my meatball curry. 

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