A Sneak Peek Into My LAB

My blog process starts when I have a craving for something. I then refer to my R & D team , headed by my mum. She has a collection and experience of almost 40 years in this field. Then I pass it by my favourite research analyst, my cousin Preethi chechi, she has decoded most recipes on my maternal side.

For my paternal side recipes, I go by taste. That’s how my grandmother used to decode recipes. I do refer others available online for process but the ingredients I stick to my gut feeling. Then comes the art department, my skills there are rusty. I envy those with such good camera skills and an eye for good props.

Once while making bhatura, I literally clicked 5 shots in the available daylight and handed the plate back to my son. This had to be completely redone by my in-house art executive ( my husband) whose ideas I steal but I overly criticise. But on other days when I have my art directors ( my husband’s cousins and their better half) at home, it’s a totally different story!! There’s different angles, props and what not. My Christmas cake photos and Orange Cream Tart were a few of their works.

Along with this I do my fresh set of experiments, ideally the same recipe at least thrice with few edits as I go along. This helps me identify flaws in the recipe which could happen to anyone following the recipe. This is also the reason why there are more savoury than dessert recipes as my sweet tooth is not very prominent!!

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  1. natasha says:

    Hiiii Mam,,,,,You have a lovely kitchen.


    1. Maya’s LAB says:

      Thank you Natasha!!


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