Sticky Toffee Pudding

Recipe adapted from BBC good food

I have fallen from a great height into this pudding. But don’t worry. I’m OK.

David Shrigley

The warmth and comfort you get when you indulge in this simple English pudding is the same shared by the person who introduced this recipe to us. I have always wanted to have an elder sister and having her close by is my best bet to almost having one. Her sticky toffee pudding is one that we all look forward to when we meet up, especially my husband, who has hailed it as his all-time-favourite.

The recipe from which I adapted requires sugars of different types, but I have experimented with all varieties of sugar and have realised that it doesn’t effect the taste. This is also a recipe that you could prepare and leave outside. Especially during Christmas and other times when friends and family get together, finding place in my fridge for a pudding is a balancing act I would rather not perform. Moreover since it’s a baked pudding, the chances of failure are zilch. The baked date based sponge and the toffee sauce can take a stand on its own. So if you are like me, adding an extra portion of toffee sauce in the making is not a bad idea!

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