Making of Maya’s LAB

At a time of vlogs , you tube and insta influencers, I decided to blog!! Sounds a little archaic but it felt really good in my old bones.

There was a time in my life when everything seemed too mundane and I felt a lack of purpose . Trust me, I have a wonderful family and a very happy life, yet something was missing. My life’s motto rightly explained by my son was “What do you want for the next meal?”.

I do enjoy cooking and although I do stick to recipes ( I count my chillies and garlic cloves), I can manage to cook a decent meal with whatever is available. But starting a food blog was scary. Chances of failure is there in everything. But then why grade yourself before even opening the book !

So I decided to use my vision, mission and strategy from my Management graduation days.


Vision – Food memories for my family and yours.

Mission – Make cooking an accessible art to all.

Strategy – Decode , deconstruct and simplify tried , tested and loved family recipes .

As I started blogging, there was a huge dopamine rush. I never set any targets nor do I still do. But this is my little happy corner. A place for me to do things for myself. There is no pressure to please anyone or achieve a certain milestone. I just find a good recipe and simply share.

I used to say that even if nobody read my blog, it’s fine . My children could use the same when they are on their own to replicate my cooking. Till then I could use it as my recipe book! But this good luck charm has helped me to get a better perspective.

So from being a full time mum ,I have now become a tutor for children who need individual attention, a volunteer in the Learning Disablities team and also an Administrator for Volunteer Recruitment.

Happy New Year!!

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