Bhatura is a pillow of indulgence and there is nothing random about this deep fried flour mixture. So it has an exalted status in our home and is reserved for guests and homecomings!

Amma says that Sasi Chettan , our trusted aide, improvised the recipe with the addition of eggs. As the official Bhatura “Fryer”, I must warn you that it isn’t sensible to eat biscuits while frying it. Unless you consider an eye patch as an accessory!

•Egg is added to this recipe for it to brown faster when you fry the Bhatura . It is optional .

•Prepare the “pallum-vellam” or diluted milk with lukewarm water

•This dough wouldn’t rise like a yeast based dough , so don’t worry if it doesn’t double up.

•This recipe served a family of four.

•Any excess dough can be put in the fridge for later use.


Flour -2 cups

Eggs -1(optional)

Curd/Yoghurt- 1 tbsp

Salt – 1/2 tsp (to taste)

Sugar -1 tsp

Baking powder -1 tsp

Oil -1tbsp + 1 tsp for applying over the dough

Diluted Milk (with water)-1/2 cup

Oil for deep frying

Flour for rolling Bhatura

Dough Preparation

• Take a deep bowl and pour flour in it.Make a well in the centre.

• Add the egg, curd, oil, baking powder, sugar, salt.

• Make a slurry and slowly start kneading the dough. Add the diluted milk as required to make a soft dough.

• Apply a little oil over the dough

• Cover this with a wet cloth and leave it to rest for a couple of hours.

• Once the dough has risen, you could make it into smaller balls.

Preparation of Bhatura

• Heat the oil in a deep fry dish

• Take one small dough ball and roll out the Bhatura to a 3-4mm thickness.

• If the dough is too sticky , add a little flour to the rolling base and the small dough balls.

• They tend to be a little more elastic than other doughs .

• You could use a circle stencil / cookie cutter to get a round shape.

• Take a tiny bit and test the oil. If the oil is ready, it’ll immediately come up to the top.

• Once the oil is ready, gently place the rolled out Bhatura into the oil.

• Be careful not to throw it in, as the hot oil would splash.

• Now slightly press it down with a slotted spoon making sure that the Bhatura is immersed in oil.

• When you slowly let go, you will notice that the Bhatura would start to fluff up.

• Help it to become a ball by pouring the oil over it.

• Once the bottom has turned slightly brown, turn it upside down and let it brown

• The other side is thinner so it’ll brown faster. Now you can drain it and take it off the oil.

• If you find the Bhatura is not fluffing up or getting brown too fast, adjust the flame.

• Hot Bhaturas are served with chickpea curry and onions or as in my home,with beef curry!

For printouts , please click the following link Bhatura

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