Light Ayittu Biriyani

“Light Ayittu Biriyani” is the hospitality theme back home in India and we do try to pursue the same at ours too! It’s an oxymoron that fits the Malayalee way of welcoming  our guests. The menu above and an extra portion of plain rice with its variety of side dishes is how my parents and in laws would entertain anyone and there is nothing remotely “light” about it. So when it came to choosing a blog name, this was what first came to my husband, Anish’s, mind and it worked out easily as a relatable acronym, LAB!

This phrase  sums up all the love and care that goes into preparing my dishes with every good intention of bringing that “well-fed-smile” on your face !Jokes apart, this is the menu for a family gathering this coming weekend. I usually start with an elaborate menu and then keep editing it depending upon my levels of exhaustion. Hopefully I’ll be to able make it without much revisions!( psst…Already  the mutton curry has been replaced with a beef curry due to sourcing issues)

Please do let me know in the comments below, which one of these recipes you would like me to post next.

Pull up a chair.Take a taste.Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.                            – Ruth Reichl

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